Secrets To Controlling Green Pond Water

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Seeing your pond turns soupy green could spoil your day. After all the efforts youve done to keep your pond clean, you will see it one day covered in green and clogged with algae. Before, green pond water was a curse to pond owners, but today, this can be treated easily using advanced technology.

Green water is normally the result of large population of algae, which are suspended in the water and its growth is triggered by profuse sunlight and nutrients. Algae are to blame for the greening of pond and other problems. Green water problem is also abundant among newly constructed ponds.

You can also point fingers at nitrates, the nutrients produced from the breakdown of fish feeds, faeces, and other decaying materials. The widespread of nitrates is fatal to the pond, so it is a must not to tolerate the excessive amount of debris and fish feeds that shrunk at the ponds bottom. Once pond becomes polluted, you should not hesitate to remove all the debris that not just clog the pond but entice the unwanted visitors out there. As prevention, you clear out fallen leaves or branches, and avoid too much feeding of fish. Make this a habit and you will see the change in the health of your pond.

Green water can be controlled through natural methods. Natural green water control methods are very environment friendly and works in the long run, unlike chemical treatment that gives temporary results. There are Do NOTs to prevent green water from invading your much loved pond. These include avoiding fertilizer, reducing fish feeding, limiting the number or fish, and removing debris. These natural methods not only brush off algae and nitrates, the number one sources of green water, but promote the health of fish

The addition of surface plants also creates impact on the overall green water treatment. As you know, algae need direct sunlight to grow tremendously. Surface plants can be used to cover the pond and block off the excess heat from penetrating the pond. Using barley straw has been a trend among English pond keepers since the ancient civilization. However, most of these natural methods take time to show results, but its results are enduring. Remember that nature takes time and you need proper fish pond supplies, so never expect for quick results because it wont happen overnight.

Other than natural methods, there are also chemical treatments used in treating bad cases of green pond water. However remember that chemical treatments should be the last resort when natural methods fail to work. The most advanced technology used today is the ultraviolet or UV clarifiers. One great advantage of this is it clears the water without any side effects. UV clarifiers can be easily installed. Good UV clarifiers combine biological filter system to ultimately reduce green water and algae as well. There are lots of UV clarifiers available in garden centres and retail outlets so it is a sin to deprive your pond with the armour it needs to battle with algae and green water.
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Secrets To Controlling Green Pond Water

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This article was published on 2010/12/22