Is Using Barley Straw to Clear Green Water?

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For centuries, Europe has used barley straw in ponds, and this usage has spread further afield to other continents in more recent years. Natural chemicals are released from the barley, which help to preserve the clean and transparent quality of your pond.

In addition to the above, it is a biological treatment that helps to break down cloudy, murky water, therefore replacing it with a clear, glimmering look. Unwanted algae is no longer a problem because the nutrient, which makes growth possible, is destroyed, preventing any more from establishing growth. Any existing algae is no longer able to feed and shortly dies off.

You are likely to have been informed that algae is extremely important in providing oxygen and food for all the animals that inhabit the pond and other that visit. Be aware though, that too much algae, which has not been treated, becomes extremely wild and destroys the aesthetic beauty of your pond. It does need to be tamed otherwise when overgrown the other plants will be unlikely to survive.

Once a bale of this straw is placed into your pond it usually takes no longer than two weeks to release its chemical, which will help to destroy the devious algae. Some forms of algae take longer to be destroyed, therefore it is generally recommended to start the process near the beginning of the year and sometimes it may even require longer than a year to remove the growth altogether. In order for this process to take place, there needs to be enough sunlight and oxygen reaching the bale. If you uncertain of what this constitutes conduct some more research before purchasing to ensure that it suits the conditions it will be used in.

Moreover, the decomposition of barley straw depends on the temperature of the water, during warmer weather the water is warmer, thus speeding up the process. During the decomposition process the chemical is released.

For a more effective result the water needs to be flowing at a reasonable speed and it is essential for it to pass through the decomposing barley straw. This enables the treatment to spread through the water quickly and efficiently.

This form of treatment is fairly cheap compared to many other methods, of removing algae and making your pond look visible pleasing to the eye, on the market. The product can be bought from most garden centres as it is widely used by many people and normally only a small amount is required for each treatment. Adopting a pond maintenance regime will ensure that all of the above is upheld and if you would like you can use other products alongside this without any tragic effects.

One of the main enchantments of owning a pond is the life that lives within it. You can be assured because placing barley straw in ponds only has a harmful effect on the algae, and it does not kill or cause any suffering to fishes or other animals that have made the pond their home.

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Green Water is generally because of too much light or major quality problem in pond's water.

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Is Using Barley Straw to Clear Green Water?

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This article was published on 2011/06/14