Green Pond Water: To Clean Or Not To Clean?

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It is a bright summer's day and you are expecting important visitors. The grass is green, the windows washed, and the flowers in full bloom but to your dismay the pond is pea-soup. Nothing spoils a view quite like green pond water. Below, we are going to tell you more about this subject.

Most people connect green water with those heavy green sludge blankets covering the tops of their ponds, but this is where they make their biggest mistake. When the water of the pond turns green it is the cause of a single-celled algae which basically floats around inside the pond.

Although that pond might not be the best looking pond in the neighbourhood, some say that it might be end up the healthiest. The millions of algae cells found inside your tiny pond are in fact a valuable source of nutrients for your Koi - fish, especially for their recently hatched diminutives.

You see what happens is, during the day the sun releases its UV-rays into the pond where it gets trapped within these algae particles. Photosynthesis continuously takes place, generating loads of oxygen inside your pond. It might look dark from where you're standing, but inside your green water, magic is beginning to take place.

On the one hand, during the day the algae will remove carbon dioxide from the green water replacing it with oxygen, something your fish need to survive. On the other hand, when the sun goes down and nightfall comes your green pond water's pH levels might rise dramatically.

This drastic change is because not only will your fish be respiring, but now also your water. The algae inside a pond will grow and cast its waste right back into the pond. This may not necessarily be unhealthy for your fish, but some experts say that certain fish that are not use to such drastic and unexpected changes in the pH levels may start showing signs of stress.

To keep a pond from becoming a green sludge-bucket, but still keep it filled with all the nutrients your fish may need, I would suggest you drive on down to your nearest nursery and buy yourself a few aquatic plants. Not only do they add beauty to a pond, but they will compete with your unwanted algae for the carbon dioxide inside your green pond water.

The plants, unlike the algae, will not be casting any waste straight into the green pond water, but rather into the air, as it is exposed to direct sunlight. Stealing some of the algae much needed carbon dioxide will cause the algae to reduce in size and decrease in vast amounts. Enough algae will remain to keep your fish healthy, but enough will be removed so you can actually see your newly healthy fish.

So if faced with the question whether to scrub out that murky green pond water or to sit back and learn to love it, I'd recommend getting out your tanning chair and having a cocktail right by that pond of yours.

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Green pond water is not necessarily annoying to your view but it will certainly help your fish to grow since algae have also many benefits to give.

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Green Pond Water: To Clean Or Not To Clean?

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This article was published on 2011/04/25